Pine Needle Basket Weaving Kit

Pine Needle Basket Weaving Kit

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This kit provides everything to make a beautiful basket. The pine needles  are from the Ponderosa pinetrees which grow here in the mountains of Sisters. To make the start a little easier I provide a beautiful black walnut slice as a base. The sinew is coated with wax as to make it a little easier to hold the pine needles in place. To decorate your basket, I included 2 feathers, Alder tree cones and some Lichen. 

Now make yourself a cup of tea, sit around the table with a friend or family member and share some wisdom while trying this age old craft. Or, if you are trying this by yourself, enjoy the creativity and let your mind wonder.


This Kit contains:

  • 3 oz of Pine needles
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Black Walnut Slice
  • Waxed Sinew Thread
  • Decorations
  • Easy Instructions to make a 3.5"W x 2"H Pine Needle Basket
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